Summit IMS/RCS iOS

Developed on the latest Swift platform and operating system.
Swift 4+ | iOS 11/12/13/14

A slick, fast, customizable and modern UI

  • CallKit & SiriKit integration
  • iOS 11/12/13/14, Rich Notifications,
    PNS & more

Available for iPhones, iPads, including macOS for MacBooks and iMacs

The Industry's most complete IMS stack supporting T1 carrier IMS & RCS - Rich Communication Services deployments
Supporting: VoIP IR.92, Video Calling IR.94, VoWiFi IR.51 and RCS messaging & chatbots. Additionally supporting NAB, Video Conferencing, RCS stickers and more.

RCS Plugins: Stickers

Summit's RCS Plugins within chat messages now available including an RCS Sticker Shop: an RCS stickers storefront customized and localized to operator requirements. Users can add to their sticker collection from directly within their iOS, Android, Windows or HTML 5 web clients.

XR/ AR /VR Calling

Virtual Reality 360° Calling and Telepresence. The world's first IMS/RCS Immersive VR Video Calling application supporting Enriched Calling including RCSmessaging, file share, Video Share and IR.92/94 voice and video call, including 360 degree video, social presence, whiteboarding & more. VR calls interoperates with standard voice and SMS services.

IoT - IMS of Things™

An RCS Mobile IoT Connected Living solution for MNOs supporting home automation & security, wearables & connected cars. Seamlessly connect to IoT devices at home, office and in vehicle via IMS & RCS. Speak to devices through Amazon Echo & control your home through voice commands or check your wearables via RCS chat bots for real-time data. Enable new coworking business models with innovative office hubs.